More Reliable.   More Affordable.   More Capable.

Robots go into harsh environments where humans shouldnít, extending your reachÖ without the risk.

But remote-controlled robotics and their accompanying systems have traditionally been expensive and prone to breakdowns in the field. Military users tend to buy many times the number of robots they actually need, because they assume the devices will often be sidelined, and troops in the field canít wait for repairs.

Realion Robotics turns the value equation upside down with proven technology thatís more reliable and affordable than the Department of Defense has come to expect.

Your mission. Our shared vision.

Realion Robotics joins the extensive capabilities of two companies at the vanguard of defense engineering: Alion Science and Technology and Reamda Limited of Ireland.

Alionís agile engineering, systems integration and operational support expertise stems from an 80-year history supporting the most intensive needs of warfighters. Reamda has decades of engineering and development experience, producing robotic systems that customers worldwide count on, day after day.

Comprehensive Services

Realion Robotics delivers the solutions and services you need to achieve your mission: engineering, integration, communications platform development, program management, operations and logistics, rapid prototyping and more.

Reduce risk. Manage costs. Control the situation. Realion Robotics.


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