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Designed for harsh environments, our robots, controllers and enhancement technologies deliver the extensive capabilities, long-term reliability and ease-of-use you demand.

Riddler (MTRS Inc II solution)

Adaptible, lightweight and cost-effective for route clearance, EOD and security missions. IOP and JAUS compliant. Excellent climbing ability. CBRN sensors, FLIR, X-Ray and training simulators are available as add-ons. AMDS compatible.



State-of-the-art bomb disposal robot. Exceptional arm reach and precision lifting capability, combined with sliding/rotating turret, allows robot to reach above, beside and below obstacles. Steep climbing ability and steerable back wheels for multi-terrain use.


Robust EOD robot with extended operating range and four independent fail-safe firing circuits. Can be enhanced with X-ray and CBRN sensors as well as a plug-in training simulator.

Remote Disruptor Platform (RDP)

Under-vehicle solution for observation, disarming and detonation. Designed to be easily carried and positioned by Reacher and R-Evolve.

Deployable Surveillance

Deployable Surveillance

Deployable Surveillance Remotely-operated camera and data unit for enhanced situational awareness. Easy to deploy and operate, includes telescopic camera mast and pan/tilt camera unit with spotlight

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